Can you send messages from the Lovebox?


Can you send messages from the Lovebox?

You can setup the Lovebox with your WiFi connection and send a message on it. Don’t open the lid! Then ship the Lovebox to your loved one. When they will have set it up with their WiFi, they will receive the message you sent before.

What is love in a box?

Our “Love in a Box” Appeal This appeal ensures that infants and children from the poorest families or in orphanages, hospices or hospitals know someone cares at Christmas. It’s a volunteer-led appeal to ensure they receive a Christmas gift.

How does the Lovebox work?

The Lovebox sits in your loved one’s home and connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. You send your special someone a short message or drawing with the Lovebox app available on iOS and Android. When the box receives the message, an itsy-bitsy red heart spins like a pinwheel.

How do you set up Lovebox?

All you have to do is follow these little steps:

  1. Unplug your Lovebox and plug it back in with the lid open.
  2. From your phone, connect to the WiFi network generated by your Lovebox.
  3. Click on your favorite language on the configuration pop-up.
  4. Choose your new WiFi network from the list and enter the new password.

How long does it take for Lovebox to ship?

Your Lovebox will be arriving no later than 3 business days after the order was placed….If you choose Expedited Shipping.

ECONOMY SHIPPING: FREE on all orders over $50 5 to 15 business days after the order is placed.
EXPEDITED SHIPPING: $45 4 to 6 business days after the order is placed.

What is Lovebox secret code?

Once the Lovebox is set up, look at its screen: it shows you an 8-digit secret code, separated by a dash (1234-ABCD).

What is a pixel Lovebox?

The Pixel Lovebox is a new, exciting way to communicate with loved ones anywhere in the world! This cleverly designed messaging device pairs with the free Lovebox app so you can receive messages from anyone with the app on your very own Lovebox, or send them to someone else’s Lovebox, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Is The Lovebox worth it?

All in all, I still recommend the Lovebox. It’s original, will last you for years on end, and is such a wonderful tool to strengthen and grow any relationship in your life. And, to reiterate, it’s an amazing gift for anyone who appreciates sentimental cards, personalized gifts and thoughtful keepsakes.

Can you see old messages on Lovebox?

They will be able to see your messages in the messages flow on their app. To do so, click on the pop-up that appears on the main page of the app. A new window appears, now you can set up the history feature. Be sure to select (or not) the option to share your old messages too.

Does Lovebox require subscription?

Is there a membership or once purchased it’s always free? Answer: Once purchased, it’s always free. You can send and receive as many messages, photos and drawings as you want.

Are love boxes worth it?

Where does Lovebox ship from?

If you have purchased an engraving with the Lovebox, it will be arriving no later than 4 business days after the order was placed, with FedEx Expedited Shipping, it is shipped from France. It is available at Harrods in London, UK. If your country does not appear in this article, don’t hesitate to go here.