Can you play God of War on PSP?


Can you play God of War on PSP?

God of War: Ghost of Sparta for PlayStation Portable is developed by Ready at Dawn, the studio responsible for previous God of War PSP title Chains of Olympus.

In which PSP we can play God of War?

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Model Number PSP
Additional Content 3004
Console Type Handheld
Processor 333MHZ
Screen Size 4.3 (10.9 cm) (16:9) Full-transparent Type, TFT Drive, 16,770,000 Colours Displayed, Wide Color Gamut LCD with Anti-glare Screen

How much is God of War for PSP?

PSP 2000 Limited Edition God of War PSP

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Site Price
eBay $75.00

Is there God of War 3 for PSP?

God of War 3 Ascensions is the latest installment in the popular God of War series. God of War: Ascension is an action game released by sce, SCE Santa Monica Studio released on March 12, 2013, for Sony PlayStation 3 and Android Device with PPSSPP Gold Emulator.

How many God of War games are on PSP?

The Origins Collection includes the two PlayStation Portable installments, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. Finally, Saga includes all three original GoW games, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta.

Why is Kratos white and red?

Taken to Death’s Domain, Deimos was imprisoned and tortured for many years by the god of death, Thanatos. Believing Deimos to be dead, Kratos marked himself with a red tattoo, identical to his brother’s birthmark, to honor his sibling.

How many God of War games are there for psp?

God of War Saga Developed by Santa Monica Studio, Bluepoint Games, and Ready at Dawn, the series includes five games – God of War, God of War II, God of War III, Ghost of Sparta, and Chains of Olympus, in a two Blu-ray discs setup.