Can you HDMI Sky Go from laptop to TV?


Can you HDMI Sky Go from laptop to TV?

Unfortunately, Sky Go doesn’t allow you to use an HDMI cable to watch it on TV. However, the Sky Go app is downloadable for Android users, so if you have an Android TV you may be able to install the Android app and watch Sky Go content.

Can you play Sky Go through HDMI?

Can I use an HDMI cable to watch on my TV? No, unfortunately our Content Rights prevent us from being able to offer this option to our customers. If you’d prefer to watch on a bigger screen, we support Chromecast from our Mobile applications.

Can Sky Go be used on a laptop?

On a desktop or laptop Sky Go is accessible via a web browser. So simply visit Most web browsers are compatible including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. Sign into Sky Go with your Sky ID.

Why can’t I mirror Sky Go to my TV?

Can I watch Sky Go with screen mirroring? The main way that you can watch Sky Go on another device through your phone or laptop is by simply using screen mirroring. It’s the only other way to watch Sky Go on your television, but it can be blocked depending on the device you’re using.

Can you screen cast Sky Go?

Sorry – we don’t currently support casting from our Sky Go web application via the Chrome browser. It is best to cast from the Sky Go app on your device. Make sure you have a Chromecast Gen 3 or Ultra or Sony TVs with Android 7 or 8.

Can you cast Sky Go to Amazon Fire Stick?

As per the terms of Sky, you are not permitted to download the Sky Go app onto your Firestick. However, there is still a means of watching Sky Go on your TV. This is by means of screen mirroring. This does not need a Firestick.

Why is external display blocked Sky Go?

One common error is “External Display Output is Blocked” which is a form of copyright protection by Sky Go. If you run into that error, you probably won’t be able to mirror Sky Go content on a Chromecast. Remember, screen-mirroring is like streaming your phone’s screen over the local area network.

Why won’t my Sky Go work on my laptop?

Empty your recycle bin. Reboot your PC and then download and install the Sky Go app again.

Does Sky Go work on Google Chrome?

The reason Sky Go doesn’t work with Google Chrome is that Google Chrome no longer supports the software that Sky Go uses which is Microsoft Silverlight. Chrome moved to HTML 5 for multimedia. Firefox is the next best option to watch in-browser content from Sky Go.

Can Sky Go be screen mirrored?

Unfortunately, Sky Go has blocked HDMI video output on mobile phones and tablets even when using an adapter. In most cases, you can screen-mirror your phone, but as soon as you open the Sky Go app, you’ll see a black screen. Sky Go does not work with HDMI adapters for mobile devices.

Can you cast Sky Go from laptop to TV?

How do I watch Sky Go on an external monitor?

Follow these steps:

  1. Update the Sky Go app on your mobile device.
  2. Make sure both your device and Chromecast are on the same Wifi network.
  3. Open the Sky Go app and tap the casting icon (it looks like a TV)
  4. Watch Sky Go on your Chromecast.