CAN you get VCDS for free?


CAN you get VCDS for free?

The unregistered shareware version of VCDS-Lite is free for non-commercial use, but no support of any kind is available. Use in a commercial environment requires registration.

Does VCDS work on VW?

VCDS uses VW’s proprietary diagnostic protocol and is only designed and supported for use in VW/Audi vehicles. Although you can use an OBD-II Scan Tool in an OBD-II compliant (1996 or newer) VW or Audi, an OBD-II Scan Tool can only talk to the engine, not the numerous other “intelligent” systems in the car.

CAN you code using VCDS?

A feature unique to VCDS: You can leave the Work Shop Code unchanged, or enter any workshop code you desire.

What is reset counter VCDS?

The Reset counter is a number that has been pre-assigned to each fault, with the number of problem-free driving cycles before the fault presumably clears itself. Each time a driving cycle occurs, and the conditions sufficient to trigger the fault do NOT occur, then the reset counter should go down by one.

Is Ross-Tech free?

Ross-Tech: VCDS Lite. VCDS-Lite is our low cost solution for older (pre-2006) VW-Audi Group cars that do not require a direct CAN diagnostic connection. The free shareware version does quite a lot and it’s, well, free.

Is VCDS the same as VAG com?

VCDS (an abbreviation for “VAG-COM Diagnostic System” and formerly known as VAG-COM) is a Microsoft Windows-based software package, developed and produced by Ross-Tech, LLC since May 2000.

Will VAG COM work on other cars?

Generic OBD-II functionality is “Supported” only on VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda cars. It will likely work on many other brands of cars. We’d be happy to receive feedback as to what other brands and models of cars it does and does not work on, however, we do not feel obligated to make it work on other manufacturer’s cars.

What is reset counter?

The counter-reset CSS property resets a CSS counter to a given value. This property will create a new counter or reversed counter with the given name on the specified element. Normal counters have a default initial value of 0.

What is Vcds adaptations?

The Adaptation function allows you to alter certain values and/or settings in control modules which support it. Warning: You should refer to the Factory Repair Manual for your particular car (or some other documented procedure) before “playing” with the Adaptation function.

On what cars can I use VCDS?

VC-Scope is able to graph generic OBD-2 Mode 1 data: Generic OBD-II functionality is “Supported” only on VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda cars. It will likely work on many other brands of cars.