Can we have multiple view resolvers in Spring MVC?


Can we have multiple view resolvers in Spring MVC?

In case you want to use a Multiple View Resolver in a Spring MVC application then priority order can be set using the order property. The following example shows how to use the ResourceBundleViewResolver and the InternalResourceViewResolver in the Spring Web MVC Framework.

Can we use multiple view resolvers in Spring application?

In Spring, the View Resolver is provided to resolve the view with the data available in the model, without tightly binding to a View technology, be it JSP, Velocity or Thymeleaf. Spring makes it easy and flexible to configure one or multiple View Resolvers, as per the need would be.

How do I configure multiple view resolvers in Spring boot?

Use multiple ViewResolvers in Spring Boot

  1. Create a Spring Boot project.
  2. Configure pom.xml.
  3. Configure ViewResolvers.
  4. Controller.

What is true regarding using multiple view resolvers in a Spring application?

The application always uses only the one with the lowest order and not the other. In the current case if my controller return “someView” the app will respond with The requested resource (/MyProject/WEB-INF/views/someView.

What are view resolvers we can configure in spring?

Spring provides view resolvers, which enable you to render models in a browser without tying you to a specific view technology. Out of the box, Spring enables you to use JSPs, Velocity templates and XSLT views, for example.

What is ModelAndView in spring?

ModelAndView is a holder for both Model and View in the web MVC framework. These two classes are distinct; ModelAndView merely holds both to make it possible for a controller to return both model and view in a single return value. The view is resolved by a ViewResolver object; the model is data stored in a Map .

What is JstlView?

public class JstlView extends InternalResourceView. Specialization of InternalResourceView for JSTL pages, i.e. JSP pages that use the JSP Standard Tag Library. Exposes JSTL-specific request attributes specifying locale and resource bundle for JSTL’s formatting and message tags, using Spring’s locale and MessageSource …

How does ViewResolver work in spring boot?

Thymeleaf view resolver works by surrounding the view name with a prefix and suffix. The default values of prefix and suffix are ‘classpath:/templates/’ and ‘. html’, respectively. Spring Boot also provides an option to change the default value of prefix and suffix by setting spring.

What are view resolvers we can configure in Spring?

Which view resolver allow direct use of JSPs for the view?

As an example, with JSP as a view technology, you can use the UrlBasedViewResolver . This view resolver translates a view name to a URL and hands the request over to the RequestDispatcher to render the view.

How does ViewResolver work in Spring boot?