Can EU players play with Na WoW?


Can EU players play with Na WoW?

World of Warcraft accounts cannot be transferred between regions. However, your account can have multiple World of Warcraft accounts in multiple regions at the same time.

Can I play EU server in US WoW?

Yes. All you have to do is register a new World of Warcraft account for the region that you want to play in. You can do that on your current Blizzard account ( account), as it can hold up to 8 different World of Warcraft accounts (licenses).

Can you transfer from EU to US WoW?

It is not possible to transfer World of Warcraft accounts, in-game progress, game time, or items to different regions. World of Warcraft accounts and all associated items are region-locked. To play in a different region, you will need to purchase a World of Warcraft license in the new region.

Can you still sell WoW accounts?

Sell WoW Accounts for Real Money Sellers can take advantage of that need and put up their WoW accounts for sale. They level up accounts so buyers don’t have to. They hunt for the best equipment and farm all the gold the account needs, so buyers can go straight into raiding or PvP or whatever activity they want to do.

Where can I sell my WoW account safely?

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How do I change my region on wow?

Visit the Games & Subscriptions page of your account. Under the Starter Editions & Public Test Regions section, click +Create Starter Account. Select a region from the drop-down menu.

Can you transfer mounts in wow?

Note: Character-specific mounts such as the Warlock Dreadsteed, Paladin Charger, and Gladiator mounts will transfer with the character.” In short, it seems that your achievements (and points) will carry over to the new account.

How do I change my region on WoW?