Are there any Kress stores left?


Are there any Kress stores left?

The remaining Kress stores were sold to McCrory Stores on January 1, 1981. Most continued to operate under the Kress name until McCrory Stores went out of business in 2001. Tiendas Kress, the subsidiary chain in Puerto Rico, survived the parent company and is still in business there.

Who owns the Kress Building in Tampa?

the Wilson Company
In 2014, plans for renovation and a 24-story addition and conversion of the block into a hotel were proposed, then scrapped. The block, including the Kress building, was purchased in 2017 by the Wilson Company, a Tampa-based property management firm.

What kind of store was Kress?

five-and-dime retailer
Kress & Co. (1896–1981) was one of the 20th century’s most prosperous variety-store retailers. Though never the largest chain, Kress maintained the highest per-store sales of any five-and-dime retailer for more than 20 years, beginning in 1927.

Who owns the Kress building?

El Paso billionaire Paul Foster is getting Downtown El Paso’s Kress building after all. Foster’s Franklin Mountain Management will be able to purchase the historic, former department store building at Mills Avenue and Oregon Street for $2.29 million — the second-highest bid for the building in a heated, Nov.

Did Kress become Kmart?

Kresge Company sales were generated by Kmart stores. To reflect this dramatic impact, the company officially changed its name to Kmart Corporation. Ten years later, Kmart sold the remaining Kresge stores to fully concentrate on discount merchandising.

How many Kress stores were there?

The National Building Museum in Washington, DC stewards the archives that document the building history of 221 Kress stores in 28 states and has also published A Guide to the Building Records of S. H. Kress & Co.

What happened to Kresge stores?

Kmart stores expanded nationwide, eventually replacing Kresge stores, the last of which were sold to the McCrory Corporation by 1987. In 2004, the Kmart Holding Corporation bought out Sears, changing its name to Sears Holding Corporation in the process.

What does Kress mean?

The name Kress is derived from the Middle High German term kresse meaning ” a gudgeon ( a type of fish ) “. The original bearer of the name would have been a fisherman. Today there are approximately 7,500 bearers of the surname Kress living in The United States.

What is the Kress Building Memphis?

The Kress building was a five-and-dime store that operated from 1927 until 1994, lying vacant until August 2005 when the hotel opened its 50,000-square-foot annex. Atlanta’s Summit Management Corp.

When did the last Kresge store close?

The last S.S. Kresge stores closed in 1994. The company, renamed Kmart Corp. in 1977, evolved into Sears Holding Corp., today the parent company of remaining Kmart and Sears stores.