Are SRP pistons any good?


Are SRP pistons any good?

Very good budget piston and will indeed handle nitrous. They say up to 300 and have run 275-325 all day long with no issues on many combinations. If the tune up is right on, they will be fine. If it is off, they will get hurt, but that goes for any piston.

What are SRP pistons?

SRP Pistons are manufactured as a “catalog only” piston and are not available in custom configurations. In addition, all SRP forgings utilize dedicated forgings that reduce the amount of machining required to complete the piston. Since time is money, SRP Pistons are more affordable.

What is an inverted dome piston?

One train of thought is that the piston’s dome should be an exact mirror image of the combustion chamber, which is called inverted dome. This can be accomplished by scanning the combustion chamber of the cylinder head being used. Add nitrous to these small-chamber heads, and it could get ugly in a hurry.

Where are SRP pistons made?

Mentor, Ohio
SRP PRO pistons utilize dedicated forgings that are forged and machined in the USA in JE’s Mentor, Ohio production facility.

What is piston compression height?

Piston compression height is the distance between the centerline of the pin to the flat part of the top of the piston.

Are flat top pistons better than dome pistons?

A flat-top piston allows the flame front to disperse evenly along the piston head, whereas putting a dome atop the piston interrupts even flame front travel. So, all else being equal, the dome itself is almost guaranteed to cost you some power just because the mixture doesn’t burn as evenly or as quickly as it could.

Do flat top pistons have valve reliefs?

I have a summit catalog in my hand that lists positive and negative “dome” volume for Sealed Power forged pistons, generally the 4 relief flat top pistons are indeed about 6 to 7 cc, the 2 relief are around 3 or so. Ford small blocks have smaller reliefs.