Are local trains running in Mumbai now?


Are local trains running in Mumbai now?

Mumbai: Local trains back on track with full capacity, restrictions unchanged. Mumbai locals: The Central Railway is set to operate as many as 1,774 local train services from Thursday while the Western Railway will get 1,367 trains back on track.

Can I travel in Mumbai local train without universal pass?

From October 30, the state government allowed citizens to travel on suburban trains by obtaining single journey tickets, but passengers had to produce a universal pass for this. At present, passengers have to produce their universal passes at ticket counters to buy tickets.

Can gents travel in local train?

“The general male category that was earlier restricted to travel during peak hours (7 am to 9.30 am and 4.30 pm to 7 pm) is now permitted to travel if they produce a two dose COVID vaccination certificate along with any ID card to prove their identity at the time of purchasing tickets.

Can I get ticket for local train in Mumbai?

The Mumbai local train mobile ticketing application, Universal Ticket System (UTS), which was suspended during the pandemic, will start functioning from Wednesday. It will enable commuters to buy tickets directly on the mobile phone.

Is local train allowed for everyone?

Indian Railways has decided to allow everyone to board Mumbai Local train, irrespective of their profession. Earlier, only those with essential services and fully vaccinated were allowed to get the pass for boarding Mumbai local. But now, every passenger can board.

Is vaccination compulsory for train travel?

train travel requires double vaccination News The state government on Wednesday told the Bombay high court that allowing everyone, irrespective of their vaccination status, to travel by public transport will not only endanger lives but also negate all its efforts taken so far to prevent Covid-19 transmission.