Are Erard pianos good?


Are Erard pianos good?

The pianos were marketed as the finest in the world and were very elaborate and expensive. Erard pianos hold great value and restoring one would be our pleasure. Some of the oldest and most rare pianos still in existence today, Erard’s can greatly increase in value once restored.

What is an Erard piano?

Erard pianos were marketed as the finest pianos in the world, and their instruments were some of the most elaborate, expensive pianos ever produced. Erard continued to enjoy huge success on an international level until the first decades of the 20th Century.

What musical innovation did Sébastien Érard’s double escapement action permit in piano playing?

In 1821, Sébastien Érard invented the double escapement action, which permitted a note to be repeated even if the key had not yet risen to its maximum vertical position, a great benefit for rapid playing.

Are Regent pianos any good?

The Regent line was introduced in about 1890, and they were known for being very good quality pianos at affordable prices. We have seen a handful of Regent instruments come through our shop over the years, and they have been consistently very well made pianos.

How much is an Erard piano worth?

There are Erard grand pianos for sale, from around the same period, for around $175,000 (£138,000).

Why is it called a baby grand piano?

Well, in simplest terms, the baby grand piano is a smaller grand piano, just like any baby is small compared to its parent. The legend has it that Steinway & Sons model O was referred to as baby grand vs its model A, which was referred to as parlor grand.

Is an Overstrung piano good?

The advantage of the overstrung is that the bass strings can be as long as possible. Generally, a longer string will give a better quality of sound so the bass of an overstrung is usually richer and more resonant than a straight strung of similar size and age.