Are Bonfire snowboard jackets good?


Are Bonfire snowboard jackets good?

“The Bonfire Pitch is one of the most insulated jackets in Bonfire’s Gold Line, a safe bet when you want to ensure the continuation of blood pumping round your body.” Even if the insulation keeps you warm initially, you want make sure that the fabric is waterproof too and will prevent the insulation from getting wet.

Is Bonfire a good snowboard brand?

Bonfire is one of the most classic shred brands out there, with deep roots in snowboarding and a focus on PNW performance. After seeing team riders Darrah Reid, Beau Bishop, and Dustin Craven looking oh so fresh in early season grams, we decided we had to put some of Bonfire’s 2017 line to the test.

Does bonfire make snowboards?

Now 30 years old, Bonfire has always been synonymous with its ultra tech fabrics and technical features and has consistently maintained an image that attracts riders of all ages and riding styles and remains one of the biggest brands in snowboarding.

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BONFIRE Night should have been stopped years ago because of its anti-Catholic overtones, campaigners say. Burning an effigy of the Pope at Lewes, East Sussex, is especially offensive, they insist, and setting fire to a likeness of Guy Fawkes is just outdated.