Are blue indigo snakes protected?


Are blue indigo snakes protected?

Eastern indigo snakes became federally protected as threatened under the Endangered Species Act in 1978, and they are also protected as threatened by Florida and Georgia. It is illegal to harass, harm, capture, keep, or kill an eastern indigo snake without specific state and/or federal permits.

Are Texas indigo snakes endangered?

The Texas indigo snake, Drymarchon melanurus erebennus, is a subspecies of the Eastern indigo snake. It is listed as threatened in Texas and cannot be hunted or killed.

Why are indigo snakes protected?

In 1978, eastern indigos were federally listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Threats to the snake included loss of habitat, which continues today, and over-collection for the pet trade. Vehicle strikes on the roadway are also a danger.

What snakes in Texas are protected?

The timber rattlesnake is the only protected species of venomous snake in Texas and can not be collected without a scientific collecting permit.

Are blue indigo snakes native to Texas?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Drymarchon melanurus erebennus, commonly known as the Texas Indigo Snake, is a subspecies of large, nonvenomous snake in the family Colubridae. The subspecies is native to Texas and adjacent Mexico.

What is the rarest snake in Texas?

What is the rarest snake in Texas? A Hill Country ranch owner discovered one of the rarest snakes you can find — an albino Western Diamondback. Images of the snake were posted on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Instagram page.

Are hognose snakes in Texas?

The eastern hognose snake exists throughout most of the eastern United States including the eastern half of Texas. Even though it is harmless, this unique snake puts on an extraordinary defensive display when threatened.

Do blue Indigos bite?

Intriguingly, when threatened, Indigo Snakes often strike with their mouths closed, or strike such that when they do come into contact with their human target, they refrain from actual biting.

Can you buy a blue indigo snake?

Today, only captive-born individuals may be legally sold, but over-collection was a severe problem in the past. The Texas Indigo Snake (D. corais erebennus) ranges from southern Texas to central Mexico, while other relatives, known as Cribos, inhabit Central and South America.